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Your application:
*name: Samantha
*age: 16
*sex: Female
*relationship status: Single
*location: Birmingham,Alabama
*hobbies: Tanning,swimming,shopping,partying,dancing,cheerleading..
*intrests: Running,guys =P
*color: Pink
*bands: The Sex Pistols
*movies: Chicago
*quote:Never frown. You never know who is falling in love with your smile ;)
*actor: Tom Hanks
*actress: Julia Roberts
*artist: Picasso..or if you mean a music artist,then Toby Keith
*hot person: Ryan from The O.C
*ugly person: Anna from The O.C
least favorite...
*band: Nsync
*movies: Anchorman
*actor: Leo Dicaprio
*actress: Kate Winslet
this or that...
*coffee or tea: Tea
*chicken or beef: Beef
*coke or pepsi: Coke
*sweet or salty: Sweet
*dogs or cats: Dogs
*girls or guys: Guys
*shower or bath: Shower
*beach or mountains: Beach
*bungee jumped: Yeah! It was awesome
*sky dived: Not yet..
*danced in a public place: Yep! New York City,Times Square,on a trip with a friend!!
*screamed at the top of your lungs in a public place:Uh...yeah lol.
*been in love: Yeaah
*made love: Nah
*danced in the rain: Yup,I love it!!
*kissed in the rain: Yeah,it was awesome.
do you believe in...
*god: Yea
*jesus: Yea
*satan: Ya
*buddha: Nah..
*the tao: The who?
*aliens: Sure do!!
*angels: Yeah
*ghosts: Yeah
*yourself: Yeah =)
your opinion on:
*organized religion: Whatever you believe in!
*george bush: Can do wayy better..
*racism: Stupid..ever heard of the saying,'All men are created equal."????
*sexism:Oh come on!! Girls have good & bad qualities,same as guys!
*abortion: If you absolutely have to!
*homosexuality: I'm for it! Love who ya wanna love!
*the mods (moderators...models..;)) They sound like cool people..
*do we exist: To change the world
*is the sky blue: It'd be weird any other color..
*are you who you are: Because I just am. =)
*are you what we need: I'm hot! =P
*do you want to join: bring more members into this thing!

Last thing!

 Pink poncho..on the left

 In the orange shirt..


 This years cheerleading pic..


 On the left!



On the right..cheerleading camp!


 On the right..


Well,thats all!! Enjoy!


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