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omg i 4got a lj cut!

*relationship status:single
*location:new york
*hobbies:sports, shopping, hanging w/ friends
*intrests: volleyball, modeling, computers, shopping, movies
*color: blue, yellow
*bands: eminem, green day, simple plan, maroon5, keith urban, tim mcgraw
*movies: lord of the rings!!! pirates of the caribbean
*quote: "Live in this moment because this moment will never be lived again"*
*actor: Viggo mortensen!! so hot lol, robert dinero, dominic monahan
*actress: cameron diaz, jennifer garner
*artist: umm i like thomas kinkade..his stuff is so pretty
*hot person: hot models!
*ugly person favorite ugly person? lol umm i like iam mckellan as an actor
least favorite...
*band: marylin manson
*movies: the old man and the sea
*actor sean penn
*actress i 4got her name..i think its like anna nicole lol
this or that...
*coffee or tea: tea..dont like coffee
*chicken or beef: chicken!!
*coke or pepsi: coke ...but i cant really tell the diff
*sweet or salty: sweet
*dogs or cats: dogs
*girls or guys: girls as friends but guys are so fun
*shower or bath: showa
*beach or mountains: beach!
*bungee jumped: no but i want to!
*sky dived: same!
*danced in a public place: of courseee
*screamed at the top of your lungs in a public place: yes lol
*been in love: not REAL love
*made love: nope
*danced in the rain: yup
*kissed in the rain: yea
do you believe in...
*god: yes
*satan: yes
*buddha: no
*the tao:no
*aliens: not quite sure....they cud be real
*angels: yes
*ghosts: yes
*yourself: YES!
your opinion on:
*organized religion: I think religion is one of the most personal topics. If a person chooses an organized religion then it is their business. I am part of an organized religion.
*george bush: He's ok. I liked kerry a tad better
*racism: hate it! everyone is the same!
*sexism: hate it too! girls are the same as guys
*abortion: personally, iam pro life
*homosexuality: i think it is fine. They should not be treated any differently
*the mods (moderators...models..;)) coolest people ever of course! lol they're cool
*do we exist: wow deep man. I have absolutly no idea. I would say God put us here, but why? I wish i knew
*is the sky blue: well besides the scientific reason, because its pretty lol
*are you who you are: because my parents helped me become a great person <3
*are you what we need: hmm another deep question. because without me, then what i need wouldnt be important? wow that made no sense lol
*do you want to join: Because its fun! and i like to see what others have to say
Last thing!
*pictures!!!  yea, my pics dont work when i do a lj cut so im just gonna post them regularly in the next entry im sorry! my computer is dumb! thanks!

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