Arianna Noël (twocute_2bstr8) wrote in glamgals,
Arianna Noël

*name: Arianna
*age: 15
*sex: Female
*relationship status: Taken ♥
*location: Texas
*hobbies: Sports, Shopping
*intrests: Volleyball, Movies, Music, Chatting
*color: Pink
*bands: Dashboard Confessional, Penfifteen Club
*movies: The Notebook, Mean Girls, Drumline, IRobot, Heartbreakers, Catwoman
*quote: 'you asked me what was more important, you, or my life. i answered my life, you walked away not knowing you are my life'
*actor: Ryan Gosling, Vin Diesel, Orlando Bloom
*actress: Angelina Jolie, Rachel McAdams, MaryKate&Ashley, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, Hallie Berry
*artist:Usher, Beyonce, Missy Elliot
*hot person: Paris Hilton
*ugly personHm.. i dont know... :\
least favorite...
*band: disturbed.
*movies: Nine Lives, it made no sense..
*actor: billy bob thornton
*actress: thats a toughy, i love em all
this or that...
*coffee or tea: tea
*chicken or beef: chicken
*coke or pepsi: coke
*sweet or salty: salty
*dogs or cats:dogs
*girls or guys: girls
*shower or bath: bath
*beach or mountains: mountains
*bungee jumped: nope
*sky dived: nope
*danced in a public place: yes
*screamed at the top of your lungs in a public place: yes
*been in love: yes
*made love: yes
*danced in the rain: yes
*kissed in the rain: no.. thats on my wish list
do you believe in...
*god: yes
*jesus: yes
*satan: yes
*buddha: yes
*the tao: i dont know what that is
*aliens: yes, scary
*angels: yes
*ghosts: yes
*yourself: YES!
your opinion on...
*organized religion: i think its alright. i mean its just another religion, if people follow it, go for it as long as you believe in God.
*george bush: oh heck i dont know. no comment. i dont like the scandals
*racism: HATE IT, rediculous, stupid.
*sexism: HATE IT MORE! women are just as equal as men
*abortion: dont agree, wouldnt ever do it, but if you do, hey thats your choice not mine.
*homosexuality: totally Agree, people should be happy no matter what sex they love.
*the mods (moderators...models..;)) Beautiful.
*do we exist: God Made Us.
*is the sky blue: The Water Reflects off of the light.
*are you who you are Everyone has to be they're own person. god made you that way.
*are you what we need: i'm hot, i have a great personality, i'm awesome to be around.
*do you want to join to be a part of another community, its like having more friends from around the world/country

Last thing!

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